How to choose a right password?

It's essential to take your time to choose a high quality password, as it's the only entry point to your data and you're the only one to know it.

Please read carefully the following advices for choosing a strong, memorable, unique and private password.


You must use at least:

- 12 characters
- 1 uppercase
- 1 lowercase
- 1 number

Common phrases and personal details should be avoided.

KRYPT7 refuses too easy guessable passwords, only accepts high quality ones and give you clear strength estimation.

Finally, don't see two-factor authentication code (KRYPT7 requires one) as an opportunity to use a weak password.


As you should not write your password anywhere down, you must be able to remember it for years.

It's not impossible to remember Ca{4/g81aSk]#XThCsyv4d?ru]nK)ZVmf+4B;} but don't take risks.

A common way is to use a phrase, avoid personal context (like '4MeMyDogIsAwesome'), pick a word in one other language and use absurdity: I eat with Tolstoy tonight, 8am and alone. becomes IeatconTolstoy2night,8am&alone.

The strength is always more important than the memorable: if you have to choose, use a strong password, write it down on paper and store it in a safe place.


Invent right now a new password and never use it anywhere else than on KRYPT7. This password should be the last you'll have to remember.

KRYPT7 offers you a password manager: you will be able to use KRYPT7 to invent and save heavy strong passwords for each other site - without to have to remember them.


Never write your password anywhere else than on (if you are not sure where you are, open a new window and enter the address manually).

Never send or tell your password to anybody: really anybody. 'Trust' is not in the equation: you can share all your information with anyone (that's your choice), but you must never share the password who protect them.