How safe is the storage of my data?

Availablity: data replica sets & failover system

You data are continuously backed up in 3 identical replica sets, provisioned across 3 distinct data-centers, ensuring your backups are typically just a few seconds behind the operational system (automatic failover in the event of a failure).

Continuous backups

All data are protected by incremental backup for restoring a selected point in time within the last 24 hours.

Backup snapshots are taken accordingly:

- snapshot every 6 hours stored for 2 days
- daily snapshot stored for 7 days
- weekly snapshot stored for 4 weeks
- monthly snapshot stored for 13 months

Confidentiality: double encryption

Additionally to the systematic end-to-end KRYPT7 encryption, your data are encrypted one more time in transit and also at rest:


- from every point of our systems to another
- as well as from and to your browser


- on storage in our databases
- as in our storage servers (all in extra to the encryption of your data themselves).