How works your pricing?

Two main plans

KRYPT7 offers 2 plans, depending if you're using it in a personal frame or in a professional one.

  • personal plan: all the functions, paid monthly according to your country facturation area
  • enterprise plan: all the functions + team management, analytics and premium support, paid monthly on a fix fare of $10 per account (2 accounts minimum) regardless of the users' country

Storage options

All users can replace their basic 2GB storage capacity, by choosing one of the 3 formulas available:

  • 10 GB: $3/user/mo
  • 50 GB: $6/user/mo
  • 150 GB: $10/user/mo

Why the personal plan price is based on users' countries?

Simply because $1 doesn't represent the same value everywhere in the world. That's why our prices vary, based on your country's median income.

There are 4 main facturation zone:

  • zone 1: $1/mo
  • zone 2: $2/mo
  • zone 3: $4/mo
  • zone 4: $8/mo

Also, if you live in a country with a very low press freedom, the price you'll pay is the lowest possible (zone 1), regardless your country median income, to facilitate the use of tools protecting your privacy.

Countries categories are defined according to the World Bank statistics and the annual Reporters Without Borders report on press freedom. Our system is not perfect, but definitely more fair than the global idea that everyone should pay the same amount - regardless of the cost of their life.

Which country to choose?

Users don't need to handle particular cases (long trip abroad, international border areas, etc.): the country validated for each account is the country of the user phone number (mandatory saved for secondary or alternative method of authentication).

All users can, of course, modify their phone number: if this modification creates a change of facturation area, the subscription will be automatically updated accordingly.