What happens if you can't charge my credit card?

3 automatic retries

We inform you right away by email, to allow you to contact your bank or to update your credit card: most of the time, the payment failed because your credit card is expired. We will automatically try to charge your credit card 3 days after the failure, and again 3 days after, if the second attempt fails. You are informed on each attempt result.

10 last days to regularize

If we still can't charge your credit card after 3 attempts, you will have 10 days to save a new card in your account and pay immediately for your subscription. During all this period, you can only access your account to regularize your situation - you will still receive incoming emails.

After this last period of time, if your subscription remains unpaid, we will automatically terminate your subscription and delete your account with all its data.


In all cases, there is no financial penalty for payment failure.