What's your Privacy Policy in few words?

KRYPT7 follows very strict principles and rules of privacy.

In few synthetic words:

- KRYPT7 is an anonymous web service, without share of data.
- KRYPT7 doesn't use cookies, 2 of its partners do - only anonymously.
- KRYPT7 use the less information possible.
- All user data can be changed anytime and KRYPT7 doesn't keep their history.
- IP addresses of unauthorized accesses are recorded.
- Stripe directly processes all payment information.
- KRYPT7 stores all information in the Germany.
- KRYPT7 continuously back up all information.
- KRYPT7 doesn't share, sell or rent any data.
- KRYPT7 works with 3 major partners in very specific operational cases.
- KRYPT7 may have to share information with legal actors in specific cases.
- KRYPT7 doesn't have direct marketing practices.
- Each KRYPT7 user has the full control over their personal data.
- KRYPT7 tracks only anonymous events, only to improve itself.
- KRYPT7 privacy policy can change: you will be systematically notified.

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